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Private/Hybrid Cloud

Private/Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a flexible solution that combines the advantages of public cloud (costs, scalability) and private cloud (security, personalisation), with the added benefit of being able to choose the cloud that best suites workloads, cloud bursting, and scale resources up and down to suit needs. This Hybrid Cloud platform is gaining traction at an alarming rate which is backed up by a Gartner report, which showed that nearly 50% of large enterprises will have adopted a hybrid cloud infrastructure by the end of 2017. However, the trend for 2018 onwards is for Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions to move downstream to SMEs, as they become mainstream and less expensive to design, operate and manage.

“It is inevitable that enterprise IT in 2020 will comprise a hybrid mix of on- and off-premises services. While your particular combination of cloud services will vary, it is unlikely any enterprise IT department will still primarily focus on configuring server, storage and network devices as a core competency” – Forrester

Offering a private platform using VMware or Hyper-V for critical resources and a flexible, low-cost MS Azure public cloud to provide resources on demand, offers the best of both worlds.

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