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Offshore Hosting

ITO is able to offer a fully managed Offshore Private Cloud for clients that are concerned with data residency issues and need the data to remain within the jurisdiction. The Private Cloud platform is a highly available solution, hosted in the Camana Bay datacenter and ITO provides 24x7 monitoring of the solution at a physical and virtual level. The Private Cloud platform ensures client and network segmentation, meaning that all traffic is isolated and secured, allowing clients to have their own independent and fully managed networks. This ensures the confidentiality, integrity and security of the data, whether it is being sent to the Internet or via a Virtual Private Networks to an office overseas.

The Datacenter location is a multimillion-dollar Category 5 hurricane-rated building that was purpose built in 2007. The 4,421-square-foot Data Centre, uses the MAYA-1 and Cayman-Jamaica Fiber System submarine cables for network connectivity and has redundant communications connections with Cayman’s four Internet Service Providers. It also boasts dedicated onsite technicians, redundant air-conditioning units, fire suppression and environment controls, and redundant power supplies and backup generators.

Offsite Backups - Struggling with tapes or offsite media? We can provide you with Offsite Backups of your data or even complete ‘warm standby’ virtual machines using our ServerSafe BaaS solution.

Offshore Private Cloud - Private or Hybrid Cloud, you decide and we can build it!

Virtual Servers - We are able to securely host your production virtual servers (or even your disaster recovery servers) for a fixed monthly fee.

Hosted Applications - Cost effective provisioning of specific applications for clients that require the application and associated data in an offshore jurisdictions.

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